Friday, December 30, 2016

it was way great to talk to you guys! so crazy how fast time is moving. i think my comp is going cause he has been here a long time. and good i want to go on a cruise so bad! i don't care where we go...surprise me! have fun in Vegas and...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! well last Monday we just stayed in the room all day and played ya. Tue. i went back to the doctor and he said that i have to keep resting, but i am starting to leave little by little, but still i gotta rest a little and we were at the church for like 2 hours while the zone leaders were interviewing 2 people that were baptized. wed. i gave my district meeting class which went okay, it was kinda hard on crutches..thu. i did a test call on skype with my mission pres. and we had 2 baptisms! the guy who got baptized, his daughter is on her mission, so we used skype, and she got to see her dad get baptized which was cool (hence the test call with pres.)  then we went and sang in chiclayo which was way fun! even though it was hard to move around with hundreds of people around you.but it was still a blast! then church was only one hour. so that's been my week for you guys. hope you guys have a great week, it was great to talk to you guys again! and yes be planning that cruise!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Elder Moore

View from apartment

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