Tuesday, May 30, 2017

no i don't think i will write that last day. so the next letter you write me will be the last! and my comp decided to stay! so i was happy about that! next week for my last pday i will go look for shirts, i still don't know what i want to get that family. 15 days crazy! and ya that's sweet if Juli wants to come!

so last Tue. we went to a reference from a member that is a ancient investigator but he was pretty cool, after he gave us some pretty good empenadas. and pretty much the whole day we spent walking around. we went to go ask the pension for references, but she gave us cheese umitas which were amazing! that night rossy tried to throw beans in my mouth...she couldn't do it.
Wed. i gave my class which went okay, then i did a exchange with my mtc comp elder wright we were in my area, and that guy literally talks to every person he sees, so we were super late to some appointments. when we left lambayeque we stopped at a store and bought some coco balls which were flippin good! then later that day we bought some churos.
Thu. in the morning we found wasps making a nest in our room. so elder wright took a broom and chucked it at the nest of wasps, so we both ran for it. luckily we didn't get stung, and we killed the wasps. then that day i bought a good lookin watch to come home with. but it was too big for me so rossy and i tried to fix it using a needle...didn't work. so later that night she took measurements of my wrist and she took it to get it fixed...total homie! she also gave me 2 rocks that has her name on it and that say Morrope. 
Fri. we had to go to the office in chiclayo so my comp could talk with President Williams about going home, and they talked for a long time! he called his parents and at the end he decided not to go, but he is a bit sad about staying, now he realizes he still has 19 months left and i have 2 weeks. so i think that's a bit hard on him. that afternoon angeles tried spoiling new movies for he after wrestling a bit, i didn't hear what she had to say...haha. and rossy also broke my shoe lace trying to show me how she ties shoes..haha and while we were talking 2 dogs got in a fight and came in and fought in the house where we were at....scary! 
Sat. we did weekly planning. then rossy came over and started cooking with the pension i kept trying to see what it was but she (rossy) wouldn't let me see. she ended up making me lunch that she promised me, and it was flippin good! (pic below) then i had to help the husband of the pension carry bags of corn up stairs (pic below). that entire afternoon we just got rejected hard core so that kinda sucked. 
Sunday we went to church also walked a ton, that night i talked to tereza, angeles and maritza about plans for pday. so i think that been my week love you guys!!

Elder Moore

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