Monday, May 15, 2017

a cafe rio.....sweet!! and it was great to talk to you guys too!
so i didn't talk a lot about my week
Last Wed. it was the last district meeting for 2 elders in my district so i had them bear their testimonies at the end and their testimonies were amazing! after i started  a exchange with Elder Bond and i stayed in Morrope. it was my day 666 so i thought i was going to be pure bad luck. but all the day we were in lessons, so i think it was a pretty good day. but we did go by one guy...while we were going to his house i heard his son say..."dad its the missionaries...RUN!" and we saw him as he just turned the corner in his house...and when we asked if he was there..they said that we was not..😐.
Thur. i had interviews with the mission presidents which i always love those as i have already mentioned! he told me that i was going to finish my mission here which i am super excited for! then the assistants checked our agendas to see if we are using them how we should.
Fri. i did another exchange with Elder Rodriguez in his area. the entire morning we cleaned the baptism font for the baptisms that they were going to have which was fun. then i gave 2 baptism interviews to 2 of his investigators. and it was the first time in my missions that someone that i interviewed wanted a picture with that was cool. that night we had a lesson with the guy who was going to get baptized, in the house of the 1st councilor of the district presidency...and he is a funny guy. Elder rodriguez goes home in a week. so he left his farewell book so they could sign in it. and the 1st councilor looked through 20 magazines until he found a pic of a black baby and put it in his farewell book..HAHA (cause elder rodriguez is black)...haha then i returned to my area that night. that night maritza and angeles taught me some math..ha
Sat. the branch was going to have a mothers day activity so Rossy and our penion came over and were making cakes for the activity. so i had a cake batter fight with them which was awesome! then we got invited to the activity so we went and it was pretty cool. after we were doing weekly planning and our pension called me downstairs, when i came downstairs. Rossy blindsided me and attacked me with frosting for revenge from the fight in the morning...haha. I'm gonna miss the members here they are so cool! 
Sun. our pension went out of town for a day. so we ate lunch with the branch president, his wife, and his son. then skyping was ya. Love you guys!!

Elder Moore
(the pics are from the museum)

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