Thursday, May 25, 2017

lets see....last pday rossy wanted to look at my photos, so we sat down and looked at all my photos that i have from my mission. then maritza and i made a bet, but we both broke it. so we got to do each others hair how we wanted to...haha (pic below) then it was the branch presidents sisters birthday so she invited us to lunch and we all ate together which was fun. that night we had a family night with rossy, her brother and a couple other members..(bic below).
Tue. while we were waiting for the branch president to come out with us noemi and i had a contest to see who's signature was better...although its sad that a 8 year old girl beat me...but ya. then we had a lesson with a girl named juldi...she literally talked for like 1 1/2 hours strait....uggghhh. 
Wed. i did a work visit with Elder Bravo he is a good guy, we had 2 lessons that were both over an hour long...and he didn't let me talk once during them both which made me mad. we had a lesson with a family and the dad was a complete jerk, while we were teaching he would blast his music, and he ended up kicking us out of his house. 
Thu. Elder bravo and i messed with some dumb animals...there was a cow, a couple turkeys, and a couple sheep. we made a cow sound....and the turkeys gobbled....then we made the turkey sound...and the sheep made their sound..uhh but it was super funny. then that day we had the gran opportunity to hear from Elder Godoy of the seventy which was great he focused on the atonement and he blew my mind. great to be in the presence of a general authority! that night my comp and i talked for a long time cause my comp feels like he should go home. so we talked for a long time! 
Sat.. in the morning we had to go to chiclayo so my comp could talk to president williams about his desires of going home. but he has fasted and prayed and he feels like he should go im pretty sure that next week he will be gone. 
sun. that night i just chilled and talked to angeles and tereza and they messed with my hair again. and i figured out that i am finishing my mission here in morrope. so that been my you guys!!!

Elder Moore

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