Monday, January 16, 2017

i want to you read Alma 26:27 when Ammon talks to his brethren when they were getting down on themselves...sorry that happened, but just remember that god doesn't do anything save it be for the benefit of his children. 
my foot is doing a lot better!
Well, its been kinda a fast week cause pday was on tuesdayon wed. i gave my class, then we started exchanges with the zone leaders. i was with elder R from Dominican republic. he is a cool guy, but he likes to control others. we found and had a great lesson with a family in the street. that night we watched a cool video about the spirit world with the penions family. the next day the elders from ferreƱafe came over so they could do stuff while the zl was here. after my comp showed me the area in case he had changes. while we were walking on a dirt road we stopped and tried to hit a brick that was far off..ha on friday i did another exchange with Elder falconi from peru he is way cool, then we ate cachangas which is fried dough and a drink called shampoo to support my ward here. then we got off on girls for a long time. at night we played uno and talked until 12. o sat we went to a guy who was going to be baptized, and out of nowhere, the police came, took him, and put him into a car...weird. then we got the new about changes.... it turns out that....both my comp and i have changes. i am going to Morope in Lambayeque and my new com is Elder E. we are co comps. and this change he is finishing his mission. so that was a huge surprise! so that's
been my week. love you guys!!

Elder Moore

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