Tuesday, January 3, 2017

well nothing has really happened this week. last Monday i did something that i have never done before...i cut my own hair! it didn't turn out too bad...tuesday some elders and i ordered chicken and talked. wed i did a work exchange with Elder C from Honduras, he is a cool guy, he knows a lot about the bible! we stayed up late talking and he forgot to set the alarm, so we ended up waking up at 8 😐. my foot is doing a bit better. i am not using crutches anymore, but on my work visit, i whacked my foot on a rock...so now its starting to hurt again. Ive noticed that the peruvians are super nice people, but when you start talking about God they get all angry and defensive, i don't under stand why. OH and while I was with elder c, we taught a guy that said..."I'm not atheist, but i don't believe in God" how does that flippin work??? so that was kinda funny. but now our area is struggling with investigators we have nothing! new years eve was a fun day. we went and contacted, after we went to a little store and we bought some stuff to make smores. we had to be in our room at 7 so we tried to cook smores, but it didn't turn out to well. but it was still good. we stayed up and they burned replicas which was kinda cool, but kinda scary. so that was fun to chill with my comp for that time....OH! i found out who the new mission pres. is....Pres. Balderrama from Bolivia, so that's cool. well sorry its been so short, but that's been my week. Love you guys!

Elder Moore

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