Monday, January 23, 2017

im glad that my advice helped you! ya my new area is great! we actually live above the pension which is super nice! well my week has been a bit slow, i think the first week in a new area is always a bit slow. but last monday we spent all day saying goodbye. at night the daughter of my pension cried so hard!...kinda sad. i only knew her for 6 weeks. tuesday i got my new comp, elder e he is a pretty cool guy we get along well, i spent all morning un packing, that night was the worst night that i have ever had! first off, this place is infested with mosquito's. and the entire night they kept attacking me. and i literally did not get any sleep that night. the next day i was completely exhausted, and i still had to give my class...but it went okay. after we bought king good! then we went to the room of the zone leaders and got me a mosquito net. then i bought some items that i needed. and in the moto taxi i lost my axe 😤.
in the afternoon, there was a dog that kept following us, i think we spent more time trying to run away from it, then actually work..ha. on thursday we visited a guy named m and in his prayer he said "glory to god" like 30 times and when he said "amen" he said "an applause for Christ" then he clapped...ha. that night we went to a appointment with the branch president, and he liked the way i teach, so he gave me a talk for sunday about the book of mormon. on Sat. we had our correlation meeting. and the church is on the 2nd floor of a old building..weird. then we talked to the branch presidents family, and they invited us to snow cones. that afternoon everyone rejected us 😑. there were also 2 girls who were hittin on me...weird... sunday, right before i gave my talk, they changed my not cool! and it was the first time here that i blessed the sacrament so that was cool. the branch is super small, it has like 25 so i think that has been my whole week. i love you guys!!

Elder Moore

the Internet is slow, so i only have time to send these 2 pics.

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