Tuesday, March 21, 2017

we are doing fine here, morrope isn't being affected too bad like it is in other parts.
well lets see, last pday we got in and got the room cleaned. then we found butterflies that would stay on our hands (pics  below) which was cool. on tue. the whole day the sky was black from rain. the rain is getting so bad that they are now having to evacuate people by helicopter. the whole country is under emergency. then that night we had a great lesson with 2 new people we found alex and luz. Wed. we were invited to go to caracucho which is like 30 min away to help the members over there. so i called the mission president and he gave us permission. that day a lot of things were changing about going and i kept having to call the mission president. at the end of it all, we didn't go cause the water was up to our necks. i had to call again the mission president to tell him all of the planning we did was canceled :( then we found out that from the rain a bunch of crocs have escaped a zoo here. and one has attacked someone in my area...kinda scary. Fri. we had a multi zone which was good. sister williams told about her experience and miracles from the trip and her surgery to the states. that night we taught alex and luz again and it was a intense experience working with the spirit, trying to answer their questions. Sat we found another new guy who got hit by a bus less than a year ago and almost died. now he wants to get closer to god..cool. then we helped the branch president carry a huge bag of food over to a less active lady who didn't have anything and on the way, the bad ripped and we lost a bunch of rice. and after all the effort we put into it. she wasn't home 😥. that night it poured, it rained like i have never seen before...kind scary! sun was a testimony builder we passed by a inv. to go to church but he wasn't there so i started to judge in my head and everything. when we got there, not 3 min later he showed up...so NEVER judge! 
Church was only 2 hours from the rain and all that afternoon we helped a convert tear down 2 of her walls cause they were about to fall from the rain. so that has been my week. all i ask of you guys is that you can pray for Peru and its citizens....cause we are in trouble! love you guys!

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