Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All the things we will do as a Moore family sound fun! just a thought, have you given any thought to where we are taking our cruise? and we found 7 new people this week so hopefully they will be good.
so to start off, Monday and tuesday we didn't do much cause my comp was still getting over his cold. Wed. in the morning we helped a family member of the branch president carry tons of 5 gallon buckets into her house. that night we did a family night with the branch presidents family...a couple days later he showed me his daughters journal and she wrote "the best family night with Elder Moore and Elder San" so that was cool and good to know. Thu. we did weekly planning, then that afternoon it poured rain. so we helped/took shelter at presidents house. then we left to go help members. Friday was zone conference. and the zone leaders pulled a prank...with a purpose. they said that President Williams had a meeting with some general authorities. and that in general conference they were going to announce that now, all missionaries will serve 3 years....and everyone was in shock. after they told us it was a joke, but they had us think if we would really be willing to accept the Lords will. so it was a awesome joke/teaching moment. After i did 3 baptism interviews. then i did a exchange with Elder Rod. Sat. we pretty much just walked around. Sun. i gave the gospel principle class on scriptures. then we ended our fast (oh ya we fasted) then i ate and drank super fast and that whole day my stomach killed. so i think that has been my week. i love you guys! i was going to send photos, but i forgot my cord to send them...so next week i will!

Elder Moore
A sister from Peru sent this over Facebook

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