Monday, March 27, 2017

good about Emma and that girl is a family member of the branch president. she also showed me the post that you got my flight plans! could you please send those to me? 
so my  week went something like this..on tuesday we had to go to the mission office so all the new elders could have a 3 week training by the mission president. in the training they split up the trainers and their comps. and we all had to answer 3 questions what have you learned from...yourself....your comp...and the work. so that was a good evaluation for me. that night we taught a investigator named Santiago and during the lesson at night..the lights just went out. so we took out another appointment and 10 min later the lights came back on...Satan wants to destroy this work1 then i raced with that girl who you are face book friends with and i totally beat her. then we went back to the room, and i noticed that i lost my name tag and my agenda. so we went back to the branch presidents and lucky it was there, they fell out while i was running. Wed. i gave my class on inspiration which went good. after i gave a baptism interview. Thu. we had been invited to a primary activity and we ate arroz con leche and the entire time i chatted it up with the branch presidents daughters. Sat. a member who is a complete homie. told me that he would be willing to go get me chili's. so i was wondering if i could take out like 40$ to go have him buy it and buy donuts for the other elders so I'm not eating chili's in front on them? Then sun i taught the atonement in gospel principles. and we ended the week with 11 new investigators! so i think that's been my week. the pic below is a bird we found in the street who couldn't fly, so the penson brought it in to take care of you guys!!

Elder Moore

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