Tuesday, April 18, 2017

glad to hear that you are doing better. no he is going home a week after i go home so he can trane the new president. we cant take motos anymore cause lately they have been robbing missionaries. my comp and i are great. I love my new ties! I'm saving one of them for when i go home. So not a lot happened this week. Tue. we helped the husband of the pensions daughter by the pool again. he got on a ladder and he had me be the base. so i was the only thing keeping him from falling. and he is kinda a chubby dude...so my arms were burning! 😫 that afternoon we passed by a convert to do service, but her brother wasn't there so we couldn't help her, i feel bad cause she is missing half of her roof, and nobody is there to help her...Wed. i gave my class, and i got a special visitor...the mission president! so that kinda flipped my out. but it still went amazing. that night we taught a couple about the word of wisdom, and we have been teaching them for a while, and they had to choose that night to invite us to coffee..ha instead they gave us bread and anìsThu. the branch president invited us to squid and octopus, which was flippin amazing! those two things together are just awesome! Sat. we passed by a inv. and he told us that his mom told him to tell us not to come back...so its like really lady, you cant just tell us yourself...Sun. we got a couple at church that we have been trying to get to come for a long time! and they really enjoyed it. that night i talked to the branch president and his family, and can i just say that i flippin love them! they are so cool, I'm gonna miss them when i leave....but ya thats pretty much been my week. i love you guys! and i hope you guys have a great week! its been a hectic week so i didn't have time to take photos :( love you guys!

Elder Moore

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