Sunday, April 16, 2017

my package was great! 
So to start off, last pday sucked! we went down to lambayeque to do a lot o things that needed power, and when we got there...there was no power. so we spent all pday down waiting for power to come back on. that night the branch president and his wife, and the second councilor and his wife came to celebrate my late birthday. they made me a cake and in the end thy cracked eggs on my head. (pic below) Tue. we got a new location for the church building so we went over to see and i found a member from one of my old areas, so i talked to him for a min. that night the daughters of the branch president didn't get to break eggs on my head, so they did it again, (pic below) so that was fun. Wed. we did service for the husband of the pensions daughter. we helped him pull weeds by a pool. that night we had a great lesson with a couple who are living together..and are not married. so we watched "together forever" and it was just a great lesson. Thu we passed by a new guy we found, so we passed by, and instead of finding him, we found 2 very disrespectful Jehovah's witnesses. then my comps lock on his suitcase changed passwords on its own. so we took it over to presidents and we spent like 20 min trying to pick it. in the end we just ended up cutting it. Fri we had zone conference which was great. after i did a exchange with Elder bravo from Lima, we went out with president, he took us to a ancient inv. and by the end of the great lesson, she accepted baptism! Sat we did more service by the pool, then we ended the exchange. now we cant take moto taxis, so we had to walk forever! Sun. one of presidents dogs almost killed a duck, so i saved its life. and while i was bringing it back to its owner...that little thing pooped on me! 😤. then i found out that i will most likely finish my mission here in Morrope. so that's been my week, i hope you guys have a great week! and i hope mom gets better soon! Love you guys!!

Elder Moore

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