Monday, April 24, 2017

OH MY GOSH....I AM SSSSOOOO EXCITED FOR THE CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so ready to relax and just spend time with you guys!
so my week went something like this, last pday we saw a trailer for a new starwars movie! (ill be home to see it in theaters!) That night we had a family night with the branch presidents family. we talked about missionary work. and i had some of the daughters do practises. i pretended like i was one of their little girlyfriends and they had to testify to me and help me understand. it was supper funny, but at the same time, super spiritual! (pic below) 
Tue. we were contacting and i saw a stray cow, so i called it over like a dog..ha. but i got to pet it! so that was cool. 
Wed. i gave my class, i hid Easter eggs that the elders had to find. i tied it in with every area had hidden eggs (people) that we need to find. i also gave a process of how to "open the egg" that was a great class! later we came back and to our room to find that a spider had hatched its eggs....ON OUR BEDS! so there were hundreds of little spiders on our beds.. so not cool! so we went and got spray and downed the room, so i think i got most of them. 
Thu. i got to give another baptism interview which was cool, with guidance from the spirit, i am the person who decides if they are ready to start their journey to the celestial kingdom...crazy. 
Fri. the branch president invited us to lunch, we ate chicken that didn't look or taste like chicken, but it was amazing! (pic below) we had a great lesson with alex and luz...(inv.) and alex said he wants to be baptized! but his wife still doesn't feel that way. but we are going to hit them hard! 
Sat. the daughters of president were putting ropes around my legs trying to trip me, by the end they threw me down...hard..ha. 
Sun. lambayeque is a district not a stake so we had district conference which was great! so i think that's been my whole week.......i love you guys! and I'm excited to cruise with you guys!

Elder Moore

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