Monday, March 28, 2016

Overlooking Jaen

So Monday night we went over and taught our investigator who works in coffee.  we felt inspired to teach the word of wisdom and he said that he dosent like to drink coffee anymore!! that was a blessing, it just reminds me how powerful God is!  he committed to live the word of wisdom!! that is the motivation that we needed! then that night we went to his store and he gave us this cold hot chocolate thing which was amazing! (picture below)  we also found out that there are NO changes so i will be with Elder Wallace another change which we are excited we will spend my b-day and mothers day together this change! 
my comp has a intolerance to lactose so he by accident drank the chocolate drink that had lactose so that made him super sick.  we stayed in the room all day which was kinda boring but i would rather have him be healthy then not work efficiently. So do you guys remember those puppies that we were taking care of... they got a super bad illness and 2 of them died :( which was super sad and today for pday we hiked up this huge hill to these radio towers and took pictures looking over Jaen (pics below) and that was my week. I love you guys and talk to you guys next week!

Elder Moore

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