Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Third Baptism...but Elder Moore Got to Perform this One!!

My week was amazing! we had the baptism on saturday and i had the chance to baptize her! it was so amazing!! i asked her how it felt when we got out of the font, and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said...wonderful!..the spirit was so strong! i got to go on a interchange for a day with elder tonga which was pretty cool, we got to talk a lot about talking to each other on facebook before our mission and all that stuff. Also on Sunday (yesterday) we were stopping by to say hi to this guy who owns a coffee shop, and we told him that the u.s. had better chocholate, so we got to go back and make chocholate with him! we got to do the whole thing from taking off the seeds that make chocholate and start from scratch! it was amazing! we also got to cut open our own coconuts and drink the water and eat the white part (i got pics) so ya that was my week i hope you guys have a great week! Love you guys!!!

Elder Moore

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