Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pension's Puppies

ya i will call the office to let them know, thank you guys!!!! and thats nice that its spring break, and that is so true about how many people think that death is the end..its really sad. and sorry for the pics. i PROMISE i will get them next week!!

This week has been the adventure. Last monday night we call a call saying that my comp needed to be in chiclayo the next day, so tuesday he went to chiclayo and i stayed with a latino who his comp also went down to chiclayo...which was actually super fun! we got to teach so many cool people! Then when elder wallace came back my pensions dog had puppies so we have been taking care of them, i will also send a pic next week. it has been pouring rain here..like crazy!! the streets have been flooded and we always come back drenched in mud...yay. They also fumigated our room, which is when a guy with a big gun that sprays chemicals in your room to kill all the bugs..but it smells TERRIBLE!! we also had a ward activity where we watched meet the mormons..but almost nobody showed up...and we found this new guy who runs a coffee shop, and we showed him the pic of when Christ visited the Americas, and we thought he would be blown away, but he started dissecting the pic..like all the different cultures and stuff which was pretty funny. so that was pretty much my week..I love you guys!!!!

Elder Moore

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