Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pictures of His Pension, Where He Eats, Sleeps and Studies

This week has been kind of a struggle...but i finally got to use my umbrella for the first time in 8 months! That was kinda a neat experience. Tuesday my comp was sick so we couldn't leave the room for the entire day which was kinda boring but we just talked the entire day about trunky stuff (things about home) and that night we got a rain storm that was incredible! i have never seen it rain that hard in my entire life!! it rained like that for about 30 min. by the end all the dirt streets were destroyed and there were flat out rivers in the streets...and it was the first time that i have heard thunder and seen lightning here! the lightning was so close!!! Elder wallace and i stood out in the rain for like 6 min and we came back absolutely drenched!! haha and on friday, we got talking about how weird its going to be when we are dads.haha... and different ways to propose to our wives...hahaha the scary thing is that its not that far away! the rest of the week we were literally walking, trying to find new people. that is our biggest struggle, but with faith in the Lord we will find them. i finally got your pics..sorry its took so long! 1st, is where we sleep, 2nd is where we study. 3rd is where we eat every day. and the 4th is my pension. I love you guys!!! i hope you guys have a great week!!

Elder Moore

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