Monday, March 21, 2016

Animals Must Like Nate...Attack of the Dog and Monkey

So this week has been quite interesting. we didnt have anything to do tuesday so we climbed a little mountian which was pretty cool to see the view of Jaen! i also got attacked by a dog the other day which was super scary (it didnt bite me) but it was dang close. i have found my new favorite food here its called carne seca (ill get a pic soon) look it up on google but i have it with lemon juice, onion, and a super spicy pepper...AMAZING!!  on friday president came up to give us interviews (he also brought up my package..thank you!!) dont worry, i havent opened anything. on sat we found these kids in the street selling carmel we bought one and they were dang good! that day our ward had a baptism! (the other elders) then on saturday night all the zone got together with president and ate was sooo much fun!!  today i took a pic with a monkey! the monkey later on attacked me which was kinda hey i can now say i got attacked by a monkey! so that was my week, we are still having trouble finding new people, but through diligent prayer and looking we will find them! I hope you guys have a great week and talk to you guys next week!! Love you guys!!!

Elder Moore

His new favorite Peruvian food

View outside his apartment

The yellow door is his apartment and this is the street he walks down each day

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